Disaster Planning and Recovery

What will happen to your business if all of your data were destroyed in a fire? A tornado? Hurricane?

Businesses should develop an IT disaster recovery plan. It begins by compiling an inventory of all computer and IT hardware (servers, desktops, laptops, phone systems, and wireless devices), software applications and data. The plan should include a strategy to ensure that all critical information is backed up. Identify critical software applications and data and the hardware required to run them. Using standardized hardware will help to replicate and reimage new hardware. Ensure that copies of program software are available to enable re-installation on replacement equipment. Prioritize hardware and software restoration.

Document the IT disaster recovery plan as part of the business continuity plan. Test the plan periodically to make sure that it works. As a company who lives and breathes IT, with our knowledge and expertise, we can help you gather the information you need, and compile it into a plan that will keep your business alive and working during a critical moment.
Disaster Recovery