Business Phone Systems

SRQ Tech Group, LLC has saved many companies a lot of money over the years by switching them over to phone equipment that they own, and switching to a phone provider that charges a third or less than what other providers charge. These customers have multiple lines and some have multiple locations. These customers were paying for PRI trunks so their older analog phone equipment would work. One customer had a dozen different phone bills for locations across the country. This customer went from paying $1000 a month for phone service to these locations down to under $70 a month. Their initial investment for phone equipment was under $100 a phone, the labor to install, and a small license fee for a cloud based PBX. They pay a small annual maintenance fee to SRQ to maintain their phone system, update the extensions, etc. This system paid for itself in months.

Another customer was switched over to a SIP/VOIP phone system by a different provider. They had 18 phones that the provider gave them to use, and charged the customer $25 per month per phone. That's a phone bill of $450 a month. Their phone bill is now around $40 a month, after buying the phone equipment outright for a little over $1200, a small license fee for a cloud based PBX, and the labor. They pay a small annual maintenance fee to SRQ Tech Group, LLC to maintain their phone system, update the extensions, etc. The system paid for itself in well under a year.

You can save a considerable amount of money on your business phone bill by switching to voice over IP (VOIP). That is, unless you allow the phone company or the cable company to run your phone systems. There is a more cost effective way without sacrificing quality. In most cases, you can keep your same phone numbers and switch to a different provider. Let SRQ Tech Group, LLC do an analysis of your current system to see if you qualify and can utilize this great technology. If you do qualify, we can develop a plan so that you can see the difference in price. We can set up a simple demonstration to allow you to hear the quality of VOIP technology. You can also have SRQ Tech Group maintain your new phone system, perform backups, make changes to the greetings and more for a small annual fee. If the phone system gives you a problem, we get right on it, and you talk to a real person. SRQ believes in good old fashioned customer service. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation to see how much you can save today!

Although we work on any SIP/VOIP system, we are authorized Partners with the following systems:

Grandstream Enterprise Phone Systems
3CX Authorized Partner and Certified Engineer